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We’re hacking the system of entrepreneurial success so that you can learn faster, get paid what you’re worth, and negotiate better. Don’t listen because someone told you to, listen because the long, slow climb up the corporate ladder is fine for other people, it’s just not for you.

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Nobody wants to feel like they’re stuck in a job they hate watching their peers pass them by. Again and again, our panel members asked the same question you’re probably asking: “am I even in the right place right now?”

  • What to do if your department is being downsized or marginalized.
  • How to transfer to another division (even if it is frowned upon by your superior).
  • Whether or not it is ok to use your family or friends to help you get an edge over your peers.

#underemployment #getting-unstuck

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We are the mouthpiece of the millennials, and we’re filling the gap between formal education and hard-earned street-smarts. The members of our community that rabidly follow our posts are desperate for coaching and desire a deeper meaning for their lives. Through a combination of ten minute lessons and hand-selected weekly interviews with runaway success stories, we’ll surface the small changes and innovative thinkers who will level the information playing field so our audience can claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Smart Millennial Business began in 2010. Among our most popular episodes to date: “Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?,” “Is College Really Worth It?,” and “How Much Does the President of the U.S. Really Matter?” You can subscribe via iTunes (where Smart Millennial Business occasionally hits the No. 1 ranking) or read our podcast user’s guide for people who don’t use iTunes or an iPhone. Here’s a complete archive: